• See Our Homecoming Pics!

    Have you seen our pictures from Homecoming 2015? CLICK HERE to log in, take a look and upload your own.

  • Have You Thanked Our NC Delta Veterans?

    This month, as we share our gratitude and thank those who have served our country, we would like to feature NC Delta servicemen and their stories. We asked for your help to build our list, tell the stories and pay tribute to these Balanced Men committed to equal rights and responsibilities, continuous development, accountability, living the Ritual and mentoring. You answered with more names and more stories. Click below to review the list and to leave your comments.

  • Thank You to Our First Donor, Richard Newell ’72!

    This fall, 1 of our NC Delta Chapter alumni has stepped forward to be first in making his contribution to our 2015-16 Annual Fund. Thank you, Brother Newell, for being first out of the gate in supporting our Sigma Phi Epsilon N.C. Delta Alumni Board and all that we do to keep alumni connected and support our actives. CLICK HERE to make your gift today.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  • Details Announced for Homecoming 2015!

    Join us this November 6-8 for Homecoming! We are pleased to announce that we are planning an alumni Homecoming reception on Friday evening, Nov. 6, at The Clubroom, 140 West Franklin Street. The reception is open to both alumni and their guests. The time will be announced next month. We also invite alumni and families to tailgate in our newly paved parking lot for the football game on Nov. 7 against Duke. The details of Saturday's events are still in the works, but tailgaters can expect food and music. Watch for next month's eLetter which will include more details. For now, be sure to SAVE THE DATE and reserve your hotel room! Remember, families are welcome!

  • What Are Your Brothers Saying About NC Delta?

    The Sigma Phi Epsilon N.C. Delta Alumni Board has asked for your help in determining the direction of our alumni programs by taking 5 minutes to complete this anonymous survey. Several brothers have already responded. Here is what one brother said: "I would have a completely different set of friends from college. Most of the people I see on a regular basis from UNC are either my fraternity brothers or people from my hometown." How would your life be different today if you had never joined NC Delta? How interested are you in coming back to the Hill? It is our goal to use the survey results to create new networking opportunities and social activities that our alumni are excited to attend. In addition, we want your help in determining the best way to communicate to our alumni. WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!! CLICK HERE to complete the survey.

  • We Are Looking for a Few Good Men

    As we approach fall recruitment, our rush chair is gathering names of potential NC Delta Chapter candidates. If you know of any young men at UNC who would make good SigEp brothers, please let us know. Specifically, we would like full name of each candidate along with his hometown, high school attended and cell phone number. If you are aware of high school activities they took part in, please include that also. You can email your information to VP of Recruitment Daniel Brennan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • What do Sigma Phi Epsilon, Santa, and a Dreidel Have in Common?

    Winter is filled with easily recognizable holiday activities- from spinning a Dreidel, to gifting in the name of Santa Claus- everyone has a tradition that stands out. Sigma Phi Epsilon is no different.

  • Thank You!

    This is the season for family and friends, reconnecting, and sharing memories. At SigEp, we are grateful to have a strong brotherhood between alumni and the undergraduate chapter. There are many reasons to take advantage of your alumni status and to remain active in SigEp.

  • Tar Heels Both Finish and Start Strong

    UNC held their own this year and we’re happy to be playing in the 2014 Quick Lane Bowl. The Tar Heels face off against Rutgers University at Ford Field in Detroit on Friday, December 26 at 4:30 PM. The game will air nationally on ESPN.

  • Brotherhood Gives Us All Something to Be Thankful For

    Ah, Thanksgiving. A time celebrated in America by eating way too much food, probably drinking too much, and falling asleep to football. But it also celebrated frequently by saying what exactly we’re thankful for this late autumn. Most people are thankful for their families, their friends, their own health and happiness. We hope that you are also thankful for your brotherhood at Sigma Phi Epsilon.

  • Have You Supported the Delta Chapter?

    “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” And so it is with the Delta and our house at 207 W. Cameron Ave. since we opened in 1921. Brothers cared about brothers then and they still do today. The list below represents those who have donated this year and support our Delta Chapter financially.

  • Celebrate the Holidays in Chapel Hill

    The holiday season is a time to look back on fond memories, spend time with family and friends, and most importantly, create new memories to last a lifetime. Why not revisit a place that holds many memories of your younger years.

    Have kids? Don’t worry; Chapel Hill offers all kinds of special holiday events—many for you and friends, and some for the whole family. What’s more special during the holiday season than sharing stories with your children?

  • Will you be back for Founders Day and Homecoming?

    2014 Homecoming will take place on Saturday, November 15 in conjunction with Alumni Weekend. Check out the numerous fun-filled weekend activities that can be a fun start and finish to a football weekend at UNC or a reunion trip to Sig Ep.

  • Annual Giving

    Help us kick off a robust new giving year that started on September 1, 2014 by making a donation to the annual fund. You can donate online and help sway momentum by making your annual fund donation now. Special thanks to alumni donors who already helped us get a great start to the 2014-15 giving year. We are on our way to reaching our annual fundraising goal...

  • Cracking Open The Vault

    Check out what we found!

  • Top 10 Reasons to Give Back

    #1 – Pride in 207 W Cameron Ave: It is a house that has seen its ups and downs, both physically and in the lives of those UNC Chapel Hill Sig Ep brothers who came of age at this address. There have been renovations through the years to keep it a safe, comfortable and competitive living space for our active brothers.

  • Annual Giving

    Help us kick off a robust new giving year that started on September 1, 2014 by making a donation to the annual fund. You can donate online and help sway momentum by making your annual fund donation now. Special thanks to alumni donors who already helped us get a great start to the 2014-15 giving year. We are on our way to reaching our annual fundraising goal.

  • National Hazing Prevention Week

    In light of recent headlines about hazing deaths on U.S. college campuses, we are requesting you send us feedback so we can highlight some positive news. Is your organization doing anything to prevent hazing? If so, what? Are you participating in National Hazing Prevention week (NHPW)? Should alumni take a more proactive approach to help Brothers/Sisters be a positive influence for the university and their respective houses? In recognition of NHPW, we would like to explore what Greek Life at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is doing to prevent hazing.

  • Can You Put a Price Tag on Belonging?

    We want to share a story with you. This story comes from a fraternity in the Northeast... a situation that took place in 2013. One brother had a daughter who was facing a very serious genetic illness. The best doctor in the area was in Baltimore, but he had closed his doors to new patients. As often happens, this brother's dilemma was shared by one brother to another and to another. Thanks to the efforts of a particular brother, the base of those who knew about the situation expanded, and the doors (literally) opened. This young girl was able to see the specialist she needed and begin her path to healing. But that is not where the story ends. Click below to read more.

  • Last Chance to Help Us Reach Our Goal!

    Last September we set out to raise $4,811 to support our Annual Fund - a lofty goal for our typically friendraising-oriented Chapter. As of today, we have only raised $100. That is only 2% of our goal! As Sig Eps. we set out to be above average in everything we do- help us achieve that mission for the Annual Fund by making your donation today.

    Remember that this fund supports our efforts to sustain our beloved house for future generations of North Carolina Delta brothers who call it home during the academic year. It also funds our alumni Homecoming activities and alumni reunions. Please show how Sigma Phi Epsilon is a band of brothers who seek to support and help one another long after their undergraduate years. Every gift is needed and appreciated no matter the size of your contribution!

  • Ready for Some Football?

    Something has to hold us over until basketball season, right?

    Check out the UNC Athletics' site for a complete schedule and up-to-date info on your Tarheels.

    Don't forget- Homecoming is November 15 versus Pitt! Tune in next month for more information on what your fellow alums are planning for the big game.

  • 2014 Rush!

    The fall semester at UNC is starting up again and that only means one thing... RUSH! It's that time of the year again when we get excited to recruit new men into Sigma Phi Epsilon and allow them to earn the right to call themselves our Brothers. We have been working very hard to plan recruitment this year; without a doubt this is going to be the best recruitment semester Sig Ep. has ever seen! We have a packed schedule this recruitment to be sure only the best are joining our organization. Formal recruitment started August 22; the undergrads have been hosting an entire week of events that culminate in bid extension on September 2. There are a lot more awesome events coming up within the next few weeks, including the Good Neighbor Initiatives, where our undergraduate Brothers meet their residential neighbors, putting a face to Sig Ep. to help us build better relationships with our surrounding community. Every year our fraternity has been getting more involved, our numbers have been growing, and most importantly, our brotherhood is stronger than ever! Let's keep this momentum going and recruit the future leaders of Sigma Phi Epsilon!

    This year's Rush Chair is Ryan Mumper (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), and Austin Jackson (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) is the Undergraduate President.

  • Tar Heels Football Shaping Up for a Great Season While Honoring Past Players

    With seven consecutive winning seasons as the Tar Heels Head Coach, Larry Fedora is looking ahead to 2015 football. His primarily young team is hoping to fulfill their potential for greatness and build on the momentum from last year's strongly-finished season. (The Tar Heels crushed Cincinnati in the Belk Bowl for an easy 39-17 victory.)

    Read more to get an update on new College Football Hall of Famer Dre Bly.


  • Are you one of the 21 we’re looking for?

    According to our records, we are missing mailing addresses for 21 of our alumni brothers. That means that 21 of you are not benefiting from our full alumni relations program, including printed copies of The Red Door Release and other important mailings and announcements.

    Take a moment to review our lost list, containing the names of brothers for whom we don't have current mailing addresses. If you see yourself among them, follow the instructions to update your contact information. Also, if you know of the current whereabouts of any of the other brothers listed, help us update our database by sending us their addresses too. Our data is used solely for Sigma Phi Epsilon publications.

  • Happiness=Greek Life?

    Does Greek Life truly equal happiness? A recent study by Gallup and published in The Wall Street Journal seems to indicate so. After interviewing more than 30,000 US college graduates, the study found that "...fraternity and sorority members are more likely than all other college graduates to be thriving in each of the five elements of well-being (purpose, physical, social, financial, and community). Thus, fraternity and sorority members are more likely than their non-Greek counterparts to find fulfillment in daily work and interactions, to have strong social relationships and access to the resources people need, to feel financially secure, to be physically healthy, and to take part in a true community."

    Click here to read more about the survey, then come back and click "Read More" to share your thoughts in our comments section.

  • Thank You for Your Gifts This Year!

    Part of your pledge to our brotherhood was your involvement in helping to sustain the chapter for generations to come. Since September, we have already received $100 from 1 alumnus toward our Annual Fund and in support of North Carolina Delta Chapter's daily operations. Thank you to those who have made contributions this year. Click here to view this year's Honor Roll and see the names of those brothers who have given. Consider making your gift today!

  • Planning a Visit to Chapel Hill? You Should Be!

    Summer is the time for reunions, vacations, and relaxation. What better place to enjoy all those things then the town that shaped your college years- Chapel Hill!

    Getting a lot of publicity lately, Chapel Hill is ranked #10 of 100 on CNN's "Best Places to Live". Reminisce about the great times you had while grabbing a bite at The Wooden Nickel or the Carolina Brewery, hit the bars on Franklin Street, or tour UNC campus (without having to deal with hordes of undergrads). While you're there why not drop by the DKE house!

    The Chapel Hill Visitor's Bureau's site is full of great information to keep you updated on hotels, restaurants, sporting events, concerts, and more. Check out www.visitchapelhill.org for the complete guide on everything you love most about Chapel Hill.

    While you're planning your trip don't forget to check out USA Today's 10 Best Things to DO in Chapel Hill. So come back to Chapel Hill, where you can relive memories and make new ones.

  • Senior Sig Eps Transition to Alumni- Congrats Grads!

    UNC at Chapel Hill celebrated its 2014 Spring Commencement on Sunday, May 11 with nearly 6,000 degree candidates. The traditional Mother's Day event brought roughly 33,000 people to Chapel Hill for a beautiful ceremony held under sunny skies. Among the graduates were several Sig Ep brothers. Congrats to these new members of our alumni association!  Click below to read more about commencement!

  • Contributing to the Annual Fund- Your Gift Makes a Difference

    As you know, the Annual Fund is the lifeblood of Sigma Phi Epsilon; the generous donations from our Brothers like yourself sustain this organization. The Annual Fund is the basis for alumni relations. Gifts to this fund perpetuate the lifelong bonds of the SigEp experience.

    The support we receive goes directly back to you in the form of communications, events, and other opportunities to grow the fraternal bonds. Undergrad brothers deserve the same great benefits we once enjoyed from SigEp—like philanthropy opportunities and a support network after graduation. Donations to the annual fund support these valuable initiatives.

    Our giving year is coming to an end in August, which means we only have a few months to reach our final goal. To date, we have raised $100. This is only 10% of our total goal of $1,000. We are relying on your support to raise these numbers.

    Please help us by contributing to the Sigma Phi Epsilon Annual Fund. Your participation is critical to the Fraternity's continued success.

    Make your gift online at www.uncsigepalumni.org or call 1-800-598-4050.

  • What's Up with the Actives?

    Wonder what the active brothers are up to? Check out the active chapter's website for the latest officer list and information on recruitment, scholarships, and more!

  • Spring Breaking with Purpose

    Over spring break 5 SigEps delayed their beach plans and traveled instead to Durham. On March 8, a team including Connor Fitzpatrick, Casey Brecher, Jack Eiselt, and Trey Bryant played in the Special Olympics Duke-UNC unified basketball game. UNC students and Orange County Special Olympics players squared off against Duke students and Durham County players in Brodie Gym. Publicized on ESPN, the game benefitted the Special Olympics. Congrats, guys, on helping out such a great cause!

  • Find Your Brothers!

    Have you been wondering what George Ballard Jr. '56, Roy Gunter '98, and Mark Klug '04 are up to? Help us track down our "lost" brothers by clicking here!

  • Undergraduate Grades Report

    The UNC Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life and Community Involvement recently released their Fall 2013 grades report.

    Sigma Phi Epsilon's undergraduate brothers posted an impressive cumulative GPA of 3.31, ranking them 25th out of all UNC Sorority and Fraternity chapters. Sig Ep beat the university-wide cumulative GPA of 3.17, the All Fraternity GPA of 3.24, and the All Greek GPA of 3.29.

    Congratulations to our Undergraduate brothers on their great Fall Semester!

  • Is Pledging Becoming a Thing of the Past?

    Earlier this month, Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) made a formal announcement that represents a significant shift in the way the fraternity approaches new-member policies and practices. The simple answer? Really, there will no longer be special policies and practices for new members. As stated in their official press release, "Effective March 9, 2014, new-member (pledge) programming will be eliminated completely from our operations, and the classification of new member (pledge) will no longer exist. All chapters and colonies will be required to implement this important change."

  • Lost, but not Forgotten!

    Do you know Jack Stewart '55, Robert Gebeaux '66, or Bryan Russell '96? As brothers move and change email addresses we sometimes lose touch with them because of outdated contact information. Help us reach as many alums as possible with North Carolina Delta communications by emailing contact updates to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    Visit our website homepage, HERE, and look for "Lost Lists" towards the bottom to view full lists of our lost brothers and submit missing information!

  • 1975-79 Mini-Reunion

    The first weekend in November, 2013, several Sig Eps met up for some golf and great times at the Old North State Club in North Carolina. Brothers traveled from Kansas City, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Scottsdale and North Carolina to enjoy two rounds of golf and reconnect with their fellow alums.

  • Will We Make It?

    Instead of making their 45th March Madness appearance, which is fast approaching, the Tar Heels very likely will be wondering what went wrong with their 2013-14 season. Earlier in the season, when Carolina was playing its best, the Tar Heels were deliberately working the ball inside and forcefully taking it to the rim.  So what needs to change?  Click "Read More" and tell us what you think!

  • Looking for Lost Brothers

    Attention!  Do you know Lawrence Withrow '60, Jeffrey Grady '90, Rusty Compton '83, Benjamin Flores '92, or David Levitch '05?  Click "Read More" to help us find and reconnect with these missing brothers and many more!

  • Thank You Donors!

    Your contributions allow us to keep communication flowing between alumni and undergrads. The support we receive from alumni like you goes directly back to you in the form of communications and ongoing opportunities to enjoy the lifelong benefits of our fraternity in your alumni years. Your donations help us support our undergraduate members as they seek the same benefits we enjoyed - leadership and character development, opportunities for philanthropy, and a support network of lifelong friendships.  Click "Read More" to see our annual fundraising progress!

  • Annual Fund Progresses as Wish List Tackled

    The fraternity helped prepare us for success in life, work, and relationships. It's where we made lifelong friendships, developed our values and character, and learned to network through professional and social connections. Did you benefit from the same experience? If you're nodding yes, we need your help. 

  • Advice for the New Year: Go Greek or Go Home

    Let's face it.  Most of us, like many young freshmen, start off college with a rather narrow view of the fraternity experience and all the benefits it has to offer.  We envisioned parties, social events, secret rituals, and lots of laughter.  Oh, yes...there was plenty of that.  But the true benefits of brotherhood carry on long after graduation.

  • Happy Holidays from SigEp

    Wishing you a Season filled with many loved ones, beautiful moments and cherished memories...

    Happy Holidays from your Brothers at Sigma Phi Epsilon

    "The fellowship of true friends who can hear you out, share your joys, help carry your burdens, and correctly counsel you is priceless." – Ezra Taft Benson

  • I'm Thankful For Tasteless Humor and Terrible Roommates

    It's one of our favorite times of year—Thanksgiving.  Click "read more" to find out how our fraternity brothers gave us so much to be thankful for, no matter how inappropriate, and then be sure to share your own stories and photos!

  • Looking for Homecoming Photos Past and Present

    Brothers, we're working on building out the photo album section of our website. With Homecoming a few weeks away, we thought we'd start with collecting Homecoming photos! Go through your camera cards or shoeboxes and find pictures of Homecomings past and present!  

  • First Impressions

    By now, our freshmen have already arrived on campus for what will likely become the most important four years of their lives. The choices these young adults make as they select their friends, community, and fraternity helps to shape their future and can lead to a very fulfilling college experience that is felt long after graduation.

  • Seven Greek Chapters at UNC told to “Buckle Down”

    The social life at UNC this semester will be a little quieter as seven fraternities face penalties due to ongoing noncompliance with university wide GPA requirements.

  • UNC Bans Co-Ed Housing on Campus

    UNC’s swift decision to keep the genders separated on campus has had a polarizing effect in the campus community.

  • UNC Called a “Best Buy”

    The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has been named a “Best Buy” in the 2014 Fiske Guide to Colleges.

  • Fire Safety Legislation at a Critical Breaking Point

    The Fraternity and Sorority Political Action Committee (FSPAC) is rallying to gain support for a tax break legislation that would mean massive changes for every Greek organization across the nation. However, recent negative media coverage of the legislation threatens to derail FSPAC efforts so far.

  • NC Delta Alumni Volunteer Corporation Request for Nominations

    The NC Delta Sig Ep Alumni Volunteer Corporation (AVC) is now accepting nominations for the following officer positions: President, Secretary, Treasurer, VP-Housing, VP-Alumni Relations, Chapter Counselor, and at-large members.

  • Sigma Phi Epsilon’s Website Gets a Makeover

    Have you seen the changes on our website? To improve your online experience, we are excited to share our revamped web platform, complete with a visual overhaul and new features to make reconnecting easier. The website is still available at www.uncsigepalumni.org, but your username and password have changed temporarily (you can change yours back when you login the first time).

  • We Need Email Addresses!

    With rising costs of paper, printing and postage and a world that is encouraging us to "go green," we are on a quest to increase our electronic communications program in an effort to reduce printed publications.

    But we need your help! We only have email addresses in our database for 38% of our alumni base. Click here to see a list of those names that we haven't been able to reach electronically. If you've been in touch with any of these brothers via email, please click on his name to send his email address to our alumni relations office.

    If we can improve our electronic communications program to keep you connected with SigEp, we can allocate annual fund donations for things more important than paper, printing and postage.

  • What is Your Fondest SigEp Memory?

    Friendships, some of which continue after 50 years
    - Franklin Biggerstaff '61

    The people and relationships established. Keeping many of them going after 30+ years. that's where the story telling and reliving of the memories is the best.
    - Ralph D'Iorio '78

    Closeness of the brotherhood that lasts a lifetime. I am still a part of my fraternity so it is not a memory.
    - James Nance '73

    Read other brothers' submissions and share your own in Alumni Updates

  • SigEp Makes a Profound Impact

    Thank you to John DeSalva '87 for participating in this Q&a

    Why did you join Sig Ep as an undergraduate?
    I originally rushed Sig Ep as an undergraduate because of a friend of mine. I was a freshman. He was a junior transfer from Radford in Virginia. He had pledged Sig Ep in Radford, and when he came to UNC, he went straight to the Sig Ep house. He was the one who made the recommendation to me that I should check out Sig Ep, and I am glad that I did.

    What is the funniest memory from your Sig Ep days?
    That's a tough question to answer. There were a lot of them. The ones that most immediately come to mind are some of the trips I went on, in particular my pledge-class trip to Washington DC, a Chapter Leadership regional meeting I went to in Knoxville and bringing some of my brothers home to New York with me over breaks.

    How do you stay connected with your brothers as an alumnus?
    I have stayed connected with my brothers mainly through Facebook, e-mail and Christmas cards. After graduation, I moved to the NYC metro area, and have been here ever since. I now live in Connecticut with my wife (also a Carolina grad), and our kids. I don't get back to North Carolina often. One of the last times I did, I got to visit with Tony Baker '88, whom I had not seen in probably 20 years or more. That was really nice.

    After 9/11, I received a phone call from Jeff Kennedy '87, who had been flying for the Air Force, and actually had flown patrols over NYC in the days after the attack. I hadn't talked to Jeff in years, but he found me. Jeff had come to NYC with me once during a break, and we reminisced some as we caught up a little bit. National tragedy brought that bond back and a few days later, Jeff sent me a copy of the photo of us Sig Eps taken during a visit to the observation deck of the World Trade Center. It sits on my desk at home to this day.

    It would be great to reconnect with more brothers. Perhaps, now that my youngest child is about to go to college, I will have more time and freedom to travel back to Chapel Hill, and when I do, I will definitely look to reconnect with some brothers. There are a bunch that I don't have contact with these days, and wonder how they're doing, hoping they are well. They include Jim O'Brien '89, Greg Ellington '86, Bill Hayes '85, John Conway '85, John Dorminey '87, Brian Parada '86 and many, many others.

    What is the single fondest memory you have shared/will share with your children and grandchildren?
    I have many fond memories of my time with Sig Ep: taking a bunch of my brothers to NYC and having a photo of us taken on the observation deck of the World Trade Center, the card section that we used to run at Keenan Stadium, some of the parties we had, hanging out with my big brother, Mike Russell '85, before he graduated, hanging out on the rooftop with Jeff Byrd '85 (rest in peace, Jeff), the day my bid was extended to me by Chip Medlin '84 (also rest in peace), being all together in the house when the space shuttle blew up in 1986 and my roommate, Brian Smith '87, staying up late to break the news to me that a friend of mine back home had died to name a few. They weren't all laughs and fun, but burned into my soul nonetheless. And of course, I met my wife while at Sig Ep. We actually met at a Sig Ep house party in August of 1986. We recently celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary.

    What about your membership in Sig Ep makes you the most proud?
    When my wife and I got married, we had no money. Her folks weren't able to throw us a big wedding, so we had a pretty small affair in a small town outside of Charlotte. We got married the day after New Year's, and several brothers were in my wedding. Unfortunately, due to budget constraints, I could not invite all that I wanted to. What I will never forget is that when I walked into the church for the ceremony, there were a whole bunch of Sig Ep brothers there. They didn't stay for the reception, but they made the trip to share that moment with me. I will never forget that.

    How would your life be different today if you had never joined Sig Ep?
    Being there in good times and bad, having a bond that lasts for years, those are the things that endure from my Sig Ep experience. I wouldn't trade that experience for anything. I grew up as a person during my Sig Ep days. I learned how to deal with other people (sometimes the hard way). But it all contributed to the person I am today, and to my ability to lead my organization and my family.

    Where has life taken you since graduation? What's new in your life today?
    Today I run a pretty big financial services firm. I founded the firm and am very busy every day with that operation. We have 120 financial advisers in 14 states handling the investment, retirement planning, and protection needs for individuals and corporations around the country. Our firm has about $3 billion of assets under management. I also have three children, ages 22, 20 and 17.

    Brothers can connect with John at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • Did You Land a Job Thanks to SigEp?

    SigEp was filled with many fun memories, and served as the foundation for great friendships that have lasted well beyond graduation. But we know that the SigEp connections have likely led to great job opportunities too. Did you land a job thanks to a career network formed at SigEp? Share your story on the message board.

    Also, if you're looking for a new job or looking to hire, the SigEp brotherhood is a great place to network. You can share your details on the message board, and hopefully find your next career path or great employee.

  • Carolina Football: A Great Way to Meet Up with Old Friends

    Ron Woodard '72 reports: "Duane Tolan and I attended the UNC-East Carolina football game this year. Carolina won on a beautiful day with a Carolina blue sky. At the game we saw and talked with Jim and Helen Nance, and Larry and Elizabeth Cheek. It was great to meet and share family updates!"

    Have you recently reconnected with SigEp brothers? Share your story in the alumni updates section.

  • Open Mouth, Insert Foot - A Lesson in What NOT to Say

    When a gentleman gets a promotion, and a co-worker does not...

    He does not say:
    "I told you you should have chipped in on the boss's Christmas present."
    "Guess the cream always rises to the top."
    "Bet you wish you hadn't bought that new BMW."
    "I could use some coffee. How about making a pot?"

    But he does say:
    "Joe, I'm looking forward to our continuing to work together. Let's grab some lunch"

    If a gentleman and his friend have both been considered for the same promotion, it is foolish to pretend that once one of them has moved up the ladder, business can simply proceed as usual. A gentleman may choose to say nothing about his good fortune, but he must continue to be cordial to his friend and associate. If the friend appears unduly glum...the gentleman may simply and privately ask the tough question, "Joe, is there a problem between us because of my new job?"

    Excerpt from As a Gentleman Would Say: Responses to Life's Important (and Sometimes Awkward) Situations by John Bridges and Bryan Curtis (2001, Thomas Nelson, Inc.)

    Share your thoughts below:

  • February FB Update

    Don't forget to like us on Facebook! In doing so, you can check out all the chapter's activities, like this one from February:

    "Another productive weekend from SigEp NC Nu! Filled with meetings, tours, and a day in the snow our chapter still managed to log in over 100 community service hours. With the help of the lovely ladies from Kappa Delta, we teamed up out at Crisis Ministires and the Second Harvest Food Bank. A couple meetings to go for tonight and then the start of new week! Hope everyone had a great weekend like we did!"

    Here's a link to our Facebook page!

  • A 20 Year Old with 48 Extra Years of Experience

    We recently came across this great story in the New York Times, featuring a 68-year-old man who enrolled in college – and chose to join a fraternity – at age 65. It's a great read and a testament to the true fraternity values and the definition of brotherhood.

    Would you do it all over again, and relive your fraternity experience in today's day and age? Share your response below.

  • Congrats to Undergrad Brady Nails

    Brady was recently elected Student Body President of UNC Charlotte! We couldn't be more proud of him and all of his hard work through SigEp, his current presidency of IFC, and now of our campus! Keep it up Brady!

  • Congrats to Our Newest Members

    Congratulations to our 11 members that have gone beyond the call of duty to be recognized as our newest Phi's!!! They crushed their sigma presentations tonight! Keep up the hard work on your way to becoming an Epsilon! — with Daniel Citron, Colin Abercrombie, Jorge Luis Caraballo, Andrew Harper II, Jonathan Pata, Jack Bretz, Andrew James, Michael Tran, Ryan Fertakos and Ryan Bennett.

  • The Last Hurrah of College

    Exams are over, the boxes are packed, and the cap and gown is pressed and ready for the big event. Graduation day is such a bittersweet moment in our lives, as we say goodbye to the youth and vitality of college life, and usher in a new era in our lives: full-blown adulthood. Think back to your own time and tell us a story about your graduation day. How did you spend your final days as an undergraduate member of SigEp? Were there any last hurrahs or memorable moments with brothers that especially stand out?

    Share your story below or on our message boards.

  • Remembering Our Heroes this May

    May is just several weeks away. This year, we'd like to share your thoughts, messages, and memories of those soldiers who have served their country. Maybe you want to send well-wishes to a brother who may have lost a family member in Afghanistan or Iraq? Or you simply want to share a fond memory of a long-lost brother who died in combat? Now you can.

    Share your stories by commenting below (if you're logged onto Facebook) or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We'll compile your stories and message, along with those from other brothers, and release them in a special alumni eletter in May.

    Let's properly remember those who fought to preserve our freedom. May we never forget those heroes who died serving our country, the families who loved them and whom they loved.

    Thank you!

    Share your story below or on the message board.

  • Remembering Our Heroes this May

    May is just several weeks away. This year, we'd like to share your thoughts, messages, and memories of those soldiers who have served their country. Maybe you want to send well-wishes to a brother who may have lost a family member in Afghanistan or Iraq? Or you simply want to share a fond memory of a long-lost brother who died in combat? Now you can.

    Share your stories by commenting below (if you're logged onto Facebook) or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We'll compile your stories and message, along with those from other brothers, and release them in a special alumni eletter in May.

    Let's properly remember those who fought to preserve our freedom. May we never forget those heroes who died serving our country, the families who loved them and whom they loved.

    Thank you!

    Share your story below or on the message board.

  • What Do You Miss Most about Living in in Chapel Hill?

    No matter how far away you are today, you share a great experience with 1,111 other brothers: getting to spend four (or more!) years living in in Chapel Hill.

    What do you miss most about living on campus? Share your story below or on the message board.

  • What Do You Miss Most about Living in in Chapel Hill?

    No matter how far away you are today, you share a great experience with 1,111 other brothers: getting to spend four (or more!) years living in in Chapel Hill.

    What do you miss most about living on campus? Share your story below or on the message board.

  • Ain't Young Love Grand

    There's nothing quite like romance in college. In the spirit of Valentine's Day this month, tell us your stories:

    • Describe your best or worst date from your college days? Did it lead to long-term love?
    •  Do you think it was easier to find a girlfriend because of your association with a fraternity? Why?
    •  How much do you think you spent on a typical date during college? And where did you take her?
    •  Have you ever been set up by a fellow brother?
    •  Any dating advice you'd like to pass on to our young undergraduate brothers (or suggestions on where to take a date)?

    Share your story below or on the message board. You can also send it to us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


  • Article to Delete



  • Making an Impact 2012

    In an effort to increase alumni participation in our communications program, we will be asking questions each month that will hopefully prompt some funny, meaningful and creative responses.

    Get involved by answering this month's question:

    How are the values you learned in SPE still making an impact in your life today?

    Share your answers below or on the message board.

  • Happy Holidays! 2012

    Wishing you and your family a joyous holiday season and a happy new year.

    If you'd like to send holiday greetings to a fellow alum, find contact information using the online directory.

    Looking forward to connecting with you again in 2013!

  • From Brotherhood and Beach Music to Peace Keeping Missions

    Thank you to James de Luca '80 for participating in this Q&A. He returned home in June of 2010 to try his hand at consulting after spending the previous nine years overseas working for the United Nations in Peace Keeping Missions as a staff member in Africa, the Middle East and South Asia. He shares why he joined SigEp, his most memorable moments, and how the fraternity taught him all about leadership.

  • Why Did You Join Sig Ep?

    Have fun as an alum! In a new initiative to increase alumni participation in our communications program, we will be asking questions each month that will hopefully prompt some funny, meaningful and creative responses.

    Get involved by answering this month's question:

    Why did you join Sig Ep?

    Share your responses below or on the message board.

  • The Best Jukebox in Chapel Hill in the '70s

    Thank you to Larry Cheek '75 for participating in this Q&A. Larry shares why he joined SigEp, his advice for young freshman, and how he played a role in SigEp having the best jukebox in Chapel Hill during his era.

  • Who Was Your Role Model?

    Have fun as an alum! In a new initiative to increase alumni participation in our communications program, we will be asking questions each month that will hopefully prompt some funny, meaningful and creative responses.

    Get involved by answering this month's question:

    Who was your role model?

    Share your responses below or on the message board.

  • What Song Defines Your College Experience?

    Have fun as an alum! In a new initiative to increase alumni participation in our communications program, we will be asking questions each month that will hopefully prompt some funny, meaningful and creative responses.

    Get involved by answering this month's question:

    What song (or songs) defines your college experience?

    Share your responses below or on the message board.

  • NC Delta Chapter Raises $10,000 for Relay for Life

    NC Delta Chapter brothers are happy to report that they raised more than $10,000 for Relay for Life through the Oyster Roast philanthropy event on April 17th!

  • Recruitment Recommendations

    Do you know a young man who will be attending UNC this fall and exemplifies SigEp's cardinal principles of Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love? If so, please send his name, contact info, bio and your relationship to him to Vice President of Recruitment Alex Vanderhye at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (703) 501-0389.

    Fall rush will take place August 20-31.

  • Six Greeks Selected as 2012 Phillips Ambassadors

    Of the seventeen undergraduate students selected as Phillips Ambassadors for Summer and Fall 2012, six are members of Carolina's fraternity and sorority community, including one member of SigEp. Phillips Ambassadors, who travel to Asia on study abroad programs, are selected for academic achievement and commitment to activities, service and leadership roles in the classroom and community. The Greek students are: Brendan Cooley (Delta Sigma Phi), H.K. Hallett III (Phi Delta Theta), Hannah Margaret Lindquist (Alpha Delta Pi), Claire Powers (Alpha Delta Pi), Timothy Allen Stump, Jr. (Beta Theta Pi), and Zachary Zlatev (Sigma Phi Epsilon).

  • A Blazing Response to a Sorority Prank

    What memory from your days with Sig Ep brothers at Chapel Hill still makes you laugh the hardest?

    Jason Matthews '90 writes: "One winter the Alpha Omega sorority toilet-papered our house and did a hell of a job. There was toilet paper in every nook and cranny of every tree in our yard, top to bottom just covered. It was really something. Sure enough, it rained soon after, making the toilet paper stick like some kind of paper cement. Weeks went by with our house and yard looking like somebody's bathroom.

    Click here to read the rest of the story and share your own funny memories.

  • What's in a (Nick)Name?

    Thank you to the brothers that shared stories of the best nicknames of their era.

    Steve Leonard '76 writes: "We were having the first chapter meeting after initiating that semester's pledge class. All the new brothers were warmly welcomed. At the conclusion of the meeting, for no apparant reason or connection, (and almost exactly like Bluto and Flounder in Animal House, and before the movie was released), someone declared of new brother Tim Fleming '90, from now on your fraternity name will be Turk! Surprisingly, this gesture meant for a quick laugh "stuck", and Tim was forevermore, Turk."

    Visit the message board to read more stories like this and share your own.

  • From Now On...Your Name Is Flounder

    "Dorfman, I've given this a lot of thought. From now on... Your name is... Flounder."

    Everyone remembers the scene from Animal House where Bluto appoints the pledges with their fraternity nicknames. It's a nickname that has stuck with Kent Dorfman – and Animal House fans – for generations.

    We want to compile the best nicknames from throughout our chapter's history, along with the stories behind them! Take a few moments to tell us about your nickname and why it was appointed, as well as the best ones you remember from your pledge class or era. Share your stories on the Message Board.

  • Sig Ep Makes UNC a Special Place

    Thank you to Robert Sherril '73 for participating in this Q&A.

    Why did you join Sig Ep as an undergraduate?
    My older brother George '71 was a brother and I knew they were a great group of guys already.

    What is the funniest memory from your Sig Ep days?
    I'm not sure of the statute of limitations on some things but one of the pranks I remember well was the placement of a chemical concoction near the vents of a rival fraternity. It caused an evacuation of their house but unfortunately brought out the fire department to check on it. It was harmless but we could only laugh about it among ourselves.

    What is the single fondest memory you have shared/will share with your children and grandchildren?
    I've been to a lot of places around the world and in the US. It's a fact that Chapel Hill is a special place.

    Have you visited Chapel Hill graduation?
    I didn't even attend my own graduation. I graduated in July and left that day to report for duty in the Navy.

    What about your membership in Sig Ep makes you the most proud?
    As an undergraduate, I thought we had some of the most talented and interesting people I knew. Nearly forty years later that opinion hasn't changed.

    Do you have any Spring Break or road trip stories with your brothers?
    Our pledge trip to DC was interesting as the brothers, primarily Bob Slaughter '73 came up with clever ways to challenge and embarrass us but we managed to figure it all out and get it done.

    Share a story of a recent reunion or plans for an upcoming one with your Sig Ep brothers:
    We had our 35th a few years ago. Vince Durham '73 organized it and it was great.

    What was your favorite part about Spring Semester?
    Every semester was good to me. One of the few things I was ahead of the curve on. I knew Carolina was going to be the best years of my life then.

    What was your fraternity nickname and how did you get it?
    My brother was called Guinea. I simply became Little Guinea. Some brothers still call me that today.

    How would your life be different today if you had never joined Sig Ep?
    I wouldn't know the people I do and that would be a loss.

    Where has life taken you since graduation?
    I served in the Navy and retired from the Reserve. Became a CPA and have worked primarily for two banks. The Bank of Boston and JP Morgan Chase where I've been for the last twenty years.

    Brothers can connect with Robert at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • What Happens on Spring Break...

    ...stays on spring break! Unless, of course, you want to relive those stories here. Share your tale of a particularly fun spring break road trip with SigEp brothers on the message board to spark some good discussion.

    Rick Newell '72 writes, "I saw Mike Prince '72 dive from the upper deck of the Flavia into the harbor at Nassau, Bahamas in April 1971. He has not been the same since!"

  • SigEp Brothers "Feel Like Family"

    Thanks to Brent Dixon '90 for participating in this Q&A

    Why did you join Sig Ep as an undergraduate? I liked the guys. I hadn't planned to join a fraternity but the guys were down to earth and fun.

    What is the funniest memory from your Sig Ep days? I laughed a lot during my days as an undergraduate Sig Ep. One of my funniest memories occurred one night during Hell Week when all the pledges stayed at the house in the Boom Room. There were 16 pledges and maybe 9 twin sized mattresses. I decided to go to sleep relatively early one night since I was so darn tired and I really wanted a mattress, albeit a small nasty twin. One by one the guys would walk in and try not to disturb whoever was sleeping and find a spot to sleep. Once all of the mattresses were full, then it was up to chairs or floor space. The last man in the room was my buddy Jay O'Hara '91. Jay was playing football for the Heels at the time and needed to keep his weight around 250lbs and was relatively hairy on top of that. Jay apparently wasn't interested in the floor and he didn't believe in pajamas. Instead, he cut on the light and woke everybody up and looked down at me on my comfy twin mattress and grunted, "Move Over!" When I looked up (squinting in the light), all I saw was a 250lb hulk of a man covered in red hair with nothing on but a pair of wine colored bikini briefs. So, what did I do? I rolled over.

    What is the single fondest memory you have shared/will share with your children and grandchildren? My fondest memory is of hanging around the house in the afternoon on a spring day, music on, windows open, just hamming it up with the guys. Maybe playing basketball as well.

    How do you stay connected with your brothers as an alumnus? I keep in touch with about 10-12 of the guys on a regular basis. We used to camp and raft in WV every year until 2 years ago when balancing time with kids got real hard. I own a business with a brother, Keith Miller.

    Have you visited Chapel Hill since graduation? I come to town for 1 or 2 games a year. I share season tickets with 2 brothers Keith and Daniel Fischler '90.

    What about your membership in Sig Ep makes you the most proud? I'm proud of the friendships I made. I've not developed the same kind of friends since. Sig Ep relationships go deep.

    How would your life be different today if you had never joined Sig Ep? My career would have certainly been different without Sig Ep since I'm in business with a brother. It's hard to imagine not having that relationship with Sig Ep and really a connection to the school through a fraternity.

    If you could go back and relive one moment from your Sig Ep years, what would it be and why? I would relive a night at Troll's playing foosball and drinking extremely cheap beer. A close second would be to spend the afternoon playing basketball (dominating) on the parking lot basketball court.

    Where has life taken you since graduation? What's new in your life today? I now own a modular home construction company in Hampstead, NC; Future Homes.

    Who do you stay connected with in your alumni years? I stay in close touch with Keith Miller, Ben Flores '92, Jay O'Hara, Robert Gray '91 and Daniel Fischler. I keep up with several others occasionally.

    Why would you encourage other brothers to engage with Sig Ep in their alumni years? I really like keeping up and/or getting together with my old Sig Ep brothers. The ones you're really tight with feel like family. Just like that first night I rushed, it's down to earth and fun.

    Reconnect with Brent at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • In Memory of Clifton Paderick '60

    Dr. Clifton "Clif" Waldo Paderick '60, 73, of 303 Fox Lake Drive, died in the E. Carlton Powell Hospice Center, Lillington, Tuesday, February 7, 2012.

    Click here for his full obituary.

  • What Does SigEp Mean to You?

    SigEp has undoubtedly made a great impact on our lives. Let's celebrate the lifelong friendships and character-building skills that we formed thanks to our fraternity membership. Let us know, what does SigEp mean to you?

    Share your stories on the message board.

  • Cherishing the Friendships Made at SigEp

    Why did you join Sig Ep as an undergraduate? I was looking for a personal experience -- small fraternity, close friends -- on a large campus and I found it at Sig Ep. I was the first person from my hometown in South Carolina to attend UNC in decades, and I didn't care for the impersonal atmosphere of Morrison Dorm, where I lived my first semester. Additionally, my brother had been in a fraternity at Wake Forest and I knew what a positive experience it had been for him.

    What is the funniest memory from your Sig Ep days? We shared so many laughs and good times that it would be impossible to single one out.

    What is the single fondest memory you have shared/will share with your children and grandchildren? I always related to my children how valuable the interpersonal relationships at Sig Ep were; in fact, my children grew up knowing many of the nicknames I tossed about, just as if they were their own friends. My son subsequently attended UNC and pledged Kappa Sig; when I visited him there, it reminded me of my experience at Sig Ep.

    How do you stay connected with your brothers as an alumnus? Obviously, time drives a wedge as the years pass. However, I have remained in touch with many brothers, and about 20 of us gathered for dinner during a football weekend a couple years ago. For many of us, it was the first time we had seen each other since graduation. I have remained in close touch with a number of brothers, and Dick "Pecker" Parker '70 and Bill "Rah Rah" Crownover '70 and their wives recently visited us in Maine, where we live half of each year. Bob Long '68 and his wife, Beth, also visit us regularly in Maine, and we have visited them in the mountains of NC. I also maintain regular contact with Dan Pate '71 and his wife Sara Jane in Southern Pines.

    Have you visited Chapel Hill since graduation? Why or why not? Before moving to Maine on a seasonal basis, we made it to several football weekends a year. However, we don't return to SC until late October now, but we try to make it to Chapel Hill at least once a year.

    What about your membership in Sig Ep makes you the most proud? I'm most proud and reflective of the close relationships we had with people from diverse backgrounds coming together and becoming good friends. We had brothers of all kinds – some studious, some (like me) not as studious – but we melded into a close-knit brotherhood.

    How would your life be different today if you had never joined Sig Ep? I would have missed out on some of the best friends I have ever had.

    If you could go back and relive one moment from your Sig Ep years, what would it be and why? I always enjoyed Pledge Weekends and the beach weekends, though someone usually ended up in jail. But my most pleasant memories are of simply sitting around the house having "bull sessions" and enjoying each other's company.

    Where has life taken you since graduation? What's new in your life today? I spent 25 years in the newspaper publishing business and through no great foresight on my part, got out of it while it was still a good business to be in. I had worked in Acadia National Park on the coast of Maine summers while I was in Chapel Hill, and upon our marriage in 1971, my wife Nancy and I formed a long-term plan to try to live several months a year there. In 1997 I bought a business in Bar Harbor that provides recreational services to tourists in Acadia, and I've been running that for 15 years. We are there from June through October, and in Camden, SC from November through May.

    Why would you encourage other brothers to engage with Sig Ep in their alumni years? The friendships formed at Sig Ep have lasted for nearly half a century now and are indicative of the fact that once people are friends, even time and distance can't prevent them from continuing their bonds.

    What is the best thing about your alumni experience? Knowing that friendships formed long ago are still alive.

    Reconnect with Glenn at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

    In this photo: (L to R) Glenn Tucker, Dick Parker and Bill Crownover, who recently had a "mini-reunion" on Mount Desert Island, Maine.

  • Alumni Q&A

    Why did you join Sig Ep as an undergraduate? I joined because of the people I met there. A friend of mine also liked it, and I knew several girls that were little sisters and they thought the guys were great.

    What is the single fondest memory you have shared/will share with your children and grandchildren? I would share how kind the brothers were during some hard personal times.

    How do you stay connected with your brothers as an alumnus? A group of us buy a block of football tickets together and tailgate before the game.

    Have you visited Chapel Hill since graduation? Yes I visit quite often for football games and recruiting for work.

    What about your membership in Sig Ep makes you the most proud? The friendships that I developed make me the most proud.

    How would your life be different today if you had never joined Sig Ep? I wouldn't have the closest friends in my life.

    If you could go back and relive one moment from your Sig Ep years, what would it be and why? I'm not sure, but I probably could change a memory concerning a black ball vote.

    Where has life taken you since graduation? What's new in your life today? I'm into banking and have kids.

    Who do you stay connected with in your alumni years? I keep in touch with about five guys in my pledge class and one in a pledge class below me.

    Why would you encourage other brothers to engage with Sig Ep in their alumni years? To maintain connectivity.

    What is the best thing about your alumni experience? Remembering the stories of my youth.

    Reconnect with Britt at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • The Giving Fraternity

    To Our Newest Alumni...
    (excerpt from blog Fraternal Thoughts – reprinted from May 2010)

    Congratulations to those graduating this year! You deserve to celebrate and reflect upon your achievements. I also invite you to understand that in regards to fraternity, it ain't over. Not by a long shot.

    The other night, my son Jack pulled Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree off his shelf. In this tale, a young boy develops a relationship with a large tree, climbing her, playing in her branches, incorporating her into his imaginary stories, and simply resting beside her large trunk. The tree loved the little boy and the boy loved the tree.

    Click here to read the full blog.

    Give back to our fraternity! Click here to support the annual fund.

  • Campus Greek News

    UNC Greeks see new leader in Aaron Bachenheimer

    From the 10/11/11 issue of The Daily Tarheel

    Aaron Bachenheimer wants to emphasize a full college experience to the Greek system's newest members from the very start.

    A stronger orientation is one part of the new director of the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life's vision for the system.
    Bachenheimer, who was named director of the office at the end of September, said he has two goals he hopes to achieve in his new position.

    Click here to read the full story.

  • From the Archives

    Thank you to Tommy Odom '83 for submitting this photo of "a pyramid at the Greensboro Coliseum, during the pledge trip in the fall of 1979."

    Share the best pictures from YOUR era in the photo album.

  • From the Archives '83

    Submitted by Tommy Odom '83

    I've included two classic photos. My associate in my law firm who graduated from Chapel Hill in 2005 and was a Chi Psi, said it could have been his fraternity (maybe without the vests), so here you go.

    The first is a group picture from the pledge informal February 7, 1980. There are too many good brothers in this picture to attempt to name. My challenge to the good brothers in this picture and the people that know them is hear from as many as possible so we can all reconnect.

    The second is from the pledge informal November 17, 1982. The cast: Charlie Engle, me, Lester Pace, and Billy "Hotel/Motel" Holliday. I have no idea what we are doing but I think it was Lester's idea if I had to hazard a guess.

    I have been in contact recently with Chuck Cozart, Walt Bridgeman, Keith Kaiser (sp?), Steve Fetter, and Will Whitley, and I miss the rest of you wherever you are!

    For me it is family, work and play- generally in that order. Married to Martha since 1999 and I have a son Tripp (21 and will be a senior at Columbia Univ.), a beautiful daughter Annie (9) and Max (7 and who definitely shares my genes). My small law firm is in Charlotte and if you are interested in our practice you can reference www.mecklaw.com. Look forward to seeing and hearing from folks in the near future. Brotherly love, Tommy

  • Alumni News

    Frank Biggerstaff, UNC 1961, MBA 1962, reports that he and his wife Mary will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on August 19. Clark Smith, UNC 1961 and his wife Sharon will be celebrating with Frank and Mary.

    Send Frank and Mary well wishes! Look them up in the alumni directory.

    Share your news in the alumni updates section.

  • In Memory of Bill Littlejohn '55

    Submitted by Janet Merritt Littlejohn, wife of Bill Littlejohn '55...

    Thank you for the e-mail to Bill Littlejohn. He passed away April 17,2006 at the age of 73 . He enjoyed his Sig Ep days and reunions and fondly remembered his Brothers. Those were happy times in Chapel Hill in the 50's, as I was there also at that time.

  • What's New with You?

    Thank you to Rick Newell '72 for updating us with the following...

    "I retired from Bank of America, Savannah GA in September 2006 and moved back to Wilmington July 2007. I play golf, though not too well these days and follow the Tar Heels. Life is good!"

    What's new with you? Share your updates!

  • Being a SigEp was One of the Outstanding Experiences of My Life

    For Walt Sherlin '71, two of the best things about being in SigEp were friendship and closeness.

    "Obviously, the great friendships that have endured over time," he said. "Also, the fraternity was a way to make a big university personal."

    Graduating in 1971 with a degree in English Education, Walt still keeps in close contact with several brothers after 35 years.

    Most noteworthy, he says about 16 brothers get together regularly for golf outings.

    "It takes about five minutes for everyone to get comfortable with each other again."

    Walt and his wife, Mary Penn, have also taken trips to Hawaii with a few brothers and their wives. Six couples also had dinner with Sterling Hennis '52 for the campaign to raise money for the house. A bridge group also unites a couple of brothers several times a year.

    During his years at the house, Walt served as intramural director and was vice president his senior year.

    He remembers being the hated DUs in football and winning the fraternity basketball championship.

    Walt recommends fraternities to any guys interested but said everyone has to find the fraternity that is right for them.

    "I suggest that folks check out SigEp and then make up their own mind," he said.

    But Walt does recommend the fraternity to any guy interested in joining one, specifically SigEp because of the friendships he made and continue to share today.

    "Being a SigEp was one of the outstanding experiences of my life."

    Giving back is important to Walt because it is a way to say "thanks" and a way to support others in having the same kinds of experiences he and his brothers had, he said.

    Today, Walt is a retired educator, having worked as a teacher, principal and a district administrator. He is currently working as an educational consultant.

    He has been married for 36 years to his wife, Mary Penn, who works as a manager at a pharmaceutical company. They have two songs, David and Will.

    David is a lawyer in Raleigh and has two children, Addison and Austin. Will worked in publishing in New York City for six years and currently works for a phone applications company in Washington D.C.

    Reconnect with Walt at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • The Latest Edition of The Red Door Release is Now Available Online!

    Click here to download your copy.


  • The Alumni Experience

    SigEp is about much more than the years we spent at UNC. It's about the lifelong experience!

    We're looking to compile the best stories and pictures of how our graduate brothers are still benefiting from their membership in SigEp in their adult years.

    Please reply to this message with your responses to the following:
    1. How do you stay connected with your brothers in your alumni years?
    2. Share a story about a recent reunion with your brothers.
    3. What is the best thing about your alumni experience?
    4. In what ways would you like to further reconnect with your brothers in your adult years?

  • Happy Holidays! 2010

    Wishing you and your family a joyous holiday and a happy new year!

    Reconnect with a SigEp friend this season using our online directory.

  • An Update from the Active Chapter

    NC Delta has had a very prosperous fall. The chapter has gone from recruiting 19 members last fall to 50 brothers this fall. Despite having to endure the trial run of an all dry rush as mandated by the university, the chapter still came up big and recruited a 16-man class.

    For the second fall in a row, the chapter awarded three scholarships to incoming freshman. We are continuing to develop the Balanced Man Program, a continuous four-year membership development program designed to help members make the most out of their experience in the fraternity and at UNC. Our intramural teams have been very successful this year, with our football team finishing in the semifinals. And the BBQ tailgates we held before UNC football games were a success, despite the outcome of the team's season.

    We recently have held workday to make house improvements, including building a new bar for the Bar Room. Members of the chapter are also doing a Habitat for Humanity build for UNC Build-a-Block, an initiative supported by Greek community to provide ten homes for ten UNC employees.

    One of the great things for me to personally experience as an undergraduate member was Homecoming. What a great day it was to see the house dedicated to Dr. Sterling Hennis and having so many alumni and even the chancellor there to celebrate all of the work he has done for NC Delta throughout his life. Through the Capital Campaign and the generous donations of so many alumni, the members of the house have truly felt the meaning of the lifetime responsibility of brotherhood.

  • The Red Door Release is in the Works

    Watch for your copy to arrive in the mail in the coming weeks!

  • House is Dedicated / Matching Opportunity Extended to 12/31!

    What a day! Those were the words from Dr. Hennis following the dedication ceremony on October 30th, where the Brothers of NC Delta honored the lifetime of contributions by Dr. Hennis by naming the NC Delta House "The Sterling Hennis House."

    Click here to read more in the latest Sterling Campaign newsletter.

  • Pledge Class Challenge Issued! See Details in the Sterling Campaign Update

    Click here to download the 2010 Sterling Campaign newsletter.

  • Latest Headlines from the Sterling Campaign

    Check out the June 2010 issue of our campaign newsletter, which is available for download.

    Recent headlines include:

    Campaign Events Draw Crowds
    Donor Profile: J. William "Will" Whitley
    Donor Honor Roll
    And More

    Click here to view your online copy.

  • Sterling Campaign Update

    Campaign Kicks Off with a Sterling Start!

    February 26th marked two important dates in the history of the NC Delta Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon: The anniversary of the founding date of our chapter, and the start of the "Sterling Capital Campaign."

    An anonymous donor has generously offered $175,000 in match-ing funds to be used for a Capital Campaign to retire the debt on the house at 207 W. Cameron Avenue in Chapel Hill. One important element of this offer was that the campaign would be in honor of the lifetime of service given by Dr. Sterling Hennis to the men of NC Delta. With the debt on the house retired, the alumni board and the current brotherhood will have access to the needed cash flow to promptly address the ongoing upkeep needs of the house. The house makes a strong first impression during the recruiting process, thus a successful Sterling Campaign will ensure that the house continues to be an asset in the success and growth of Sigma Phi Epsilon in Chapel Hill.

    Now is the time for you to show your appreciation to Dr. Hennis and your dedication to NC Delta. Please consider making a gift to the Sterling Capital Campaign—your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar by our generous anonymous donor! The campaign will culminate with a recognition ceremony for Dr. Hennis prior to the Homecoming football game on Octo-ber 30th, 2010. Plan to join us!

    Click here to download the May 2010 Sterling Campaign newsletter and donation form.

  • From the Archives... 2010

    Love old photos? So do we! That's why we need your help to preserve the best memories from our SigEp days that have been captured on film.

    Send the best pictures from your era to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or upload them by logging in to our site then clicking on My Photos.

    In this photo: That's Joe Pinnix, Otis Ku, Chad Pearson, Dave Huffman and Stefan Van Staveren at the 1993 East Regional at The Meadowlands. The Heels won the regional and went on to win the National Championship in New Orleans. Great Road Trip!

  • Announcing the SigEp Sterling Capital Campaign

    February 26th, 2010 marks the 89th anniversary of the founding of the NC Delta Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon at UNC. Today is also the kickoff of an exciting new opportunity for all of us who share a common bond through our fraternity. As the result of a generous offer from one of our own to match all contributions up to $175,000, we are proud to announce the Sig Ep Sterling Capital Campaign, in recognition of the lifetime of service provided to NC Delta by our friend, mentor and NC Delta Brother, Dr. Sterling Hennis ('52).

    Objectives of the Campaign

    Through the Sterling Capital Campaign, we have the opportunity to achieve two tremendous objectives:

    • Honor the significant contributions made by Dr. Sterling Hennis

    • Retire the debt on the fraternity house at 207 W. Cameron Avenue

    Click here for much more information.

  • That's Quite the Punishment!

    Thank you to Steve Leonard '76 for sharing this great memory...

    He writes "One of our finer moves was the time we "parked" Darrell Shealy's Honda Civic on the front steps of the house. That is, rear end near the top of the front steps, and the front end near the lowest step. Brother Shealy made the mistake of missing the Pledge Heart Ceremony, for what the rest of us considered to be unacceptable circumstances, and accordingly he was "punished" with this creative "step".

    In addition, the placement of the car caught the attention of a passing photographer from The Daily Tar Heel, and as such the car and the Sig Ep house were featured on the front page the next morning.

    After a day or two, the "committee" decided the punishment had been adequate, and we moved the car off the steps, one step at a time, the same way we put it there."

    Share the best stories from YOUR SigEp days on the message board.

  • SigEp + Golf = A Great Time

    In the fall of 2009, Gray McCaskill hosted several brothers from the mid '70s at the Country Club of North Carolina for one night and two rounds of golf. Brothers in attendance were Gray, Steve Leonard, Tom Odom, Bob Spencer, Gary Stadler, Darrell Shealy, John Flowe and David Carpenter. Brothers Gary Hollingsworth and Dan Brady were also there for dinner and the evening.

    Steve Leonard writes "We had a great time playing golf, catching up and telling old tales. We stayed in a couple of the excellent houses they have at CCNC, and Johnny Flowe prepared a gourmet meal. We hope to repeat this one or two times a year, and if there are other brothers that would like to be included, please let one of us know." (You can email Steve at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

  • What's New with You? 2010

    Marc Gustafson (1997) recently joined Essex Richards located in Charlotte, NC as Counsel. He joins NC Delta Pat Matus at Essex Richards. Marc recently was employed at LendingTree, LLC as Assistant General Counsel. Prior to that Marc was a litigator with Alston & Bird in Atlanta and Kennedy Covington Lobdell & Hickman in Charlotte. In 2009 Marc was elected to the UNC Board of Visitors and was named Outstanding Emerging Philanthropist by the Association of Fundraising Professionals. Marc is also the owner of Gallery Pantone 278, a contemporary art gallery in Charlotte. (Pantone 278 is the officially licensed color for Carolina Blue.) Marc's email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    We want to konw what's new with you too! Click here to submit an update.

  • UNC Greek News

    Greeks prepare for upcoming review
    Expect to hear current reforms are working well

    From the 1/12/10 issue of The Daily Tar Heel

    Though members of the Greek community said they are happy to have the input of a new special adviser on Greek life, they said they expect him to find that fraternities and sororities are already working to improve aspects of the community such as recruiting and self-governance.

    Several said they were excited to have an outside perspective from Jordan Whichard, a 1979 UNC graduate who was president of Phi Gamma Delta fraternity as a student.

    But some within the community said they expect Whichard to find them already making strides to improve communication with the University and working to improve their leadership — changes spurred by negative perceptions of fraternity life.

    "I think the greatest impact he could have is working with administration as well as us to foster a relationship that is more helpful than overbearing," said Dylan Castellino, president of Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. "The IFC needs to be there to help the fraternities and sororities, to show the best way to communicate in a crisis."

    Click here to read the full story.

  • Happy Holidays 2009

    Wishing you and your family a joyous holiday season and a happy new year!

    Send season's greetings to a fellow SigEp brother. Find contact info for other alumni in the online directory.

  • Campus Greek News 2009

    Courtland Smith death leaves many questions

    This article was published in the 2009 Year in Review issue of The Daily Tar Heel.

    The death of junior Courtland Smith in August resulted in more than three months of questions about what led to police shooting him 40 minutes from Chapel Hill.

    A report released Friday by Randolph County District Attorney Garland Yates provides many details into Smith's interaction with the two Archdale police officers. In the release, Yates also said he found officer Jeremy Paul Flinchum was justified in shooting Smith because Flinchum believed his and another officer's life to be endangered.

    Some questions still remain, including why Smith was 40 minutes from Chapel Hill and why Smith's autopsy report was amended to remove details that the district attorney's statement confirmed.

    Click here to read the full story.

  • "You Get What You Give"

    What made you choose to come to the University of North Carolina and more specifically, what convinced you to join Sigma Phi Epsilon?
    My mom went to UNC and my dad loved the school. I joined SigEp because I instantly seemed to fit. I never intended to join a frat, but attended some events and immediately felt at home.

    What are you fondest memories of initiation?
    Sitting on the front bench on a beautiful day, celebrating with my pledge brothers.

    What did being a brother during your college years teach you that carried over into your career and life?
    The fraternity helped me grow up quite a bit. Brought me out of my "shell" and made me more social and outgoing. Being in retail, I use the social skills that I developed everyday.

    What is your personal definition of Brotherhood?
    Since I never had a brother for a sibling, just three sisters, brotherhood is defined for me by my experience at the SigEp house. Brotherhood is accepting your fellow man, with both their strengths and weaknesses, encouraging, nurturing and watching their back. You may not always agree, but you always listen and respect. Brotherhood is achieved when you know you'll go the distance for another brother and are 100% confidant that the same will be returned for you.

    Do you keep in contact with any Alumni or Active Brothers of the chapter? If so, who? Who would you like to reconnect with?
    I do. I go back for several football games each year and catch up a lot then. I talk to Chris O'Brien, Dan Wilson, Jim Moore, Scott Little, Paul Wesley Spell, Juan Hernandez, Dave Huffman, Stefan van Stavern, Johnny Tugwell, George McLamb, Gary Everhart and Sutton Yamanashi from time to time.

    I'd like to catch up with Adam Reed (who was a big part of me choosing Sig Ep), Kevin Corcoran, Charlie Simak and Denton Stone.

    Can you give a brief background on your career and accomplishments post-UNC, highlighting what led to your current position as Executive Manager of Moses AutoMall of Huntingdon?
    I have been in the family car business since July of 1997 and we keep growing because of the hard work and good reputation our family has in our community. We've sold vehicles on the internet as far away as Washington state. Several of my brothers have bought vehicles from me, even though I'm in West Virginia and they're in North Carolina or another state. Hopefully, they would all say they had a positive experience.

    Can you give a brief background on your family?
    Met my wife here in West Virginia after college. Proposed to her while tailgating at a Marshall football game. Have 2 kids: Éowyn, my daughter, who is six and starting first grade and Jackson, whose four.

    Why do you financially support Sigma Phi Epsilon in your alumni years? Why do you feel that other brothers should do the same?
    I give to NC Delta to make sure it is there for other potential brothers and for me to come back to. As an undergrad, I loved football Saturdays and the alumni that came back and partied with us. Now, I love being the alum in the parking lot, doing our thing. The brothers are always so positive and welcoming. It is a great cycle, one that hopefully gives to all and continues forever.

    What message would you like to send to current and future brothers of SigEp? What advice would you have for them to make the most of their time as a student, and more specifically a brother?
    Do things. Live it up. My days at UNC were some of the greatest of my life. And they go quick. I'd also strongly recommend living in the house. I did for 3 years. I'll never forget packing up to leave after graduation. I felt like I was losing my best friend. I wasn't losing any best friends, but I was moving away from a bunch of them. Living in the house wasn't always easy, but you always had a friend, an ear and a fellow conspirator. So, live in the house and then get out of it and do things. Go to plays, concerts, sporting events. Take road trips. Get involved with something, whether academic, social or athletic. You get what you give.

    If you could describe your SigEp experience in one word, what would it be?

    How as a whole has SigEp influenced your life?
    Taught me to be a man, helped me become more of a social gent, and given me my best friends. My pledge brothers are still my best friends. No one knows me as well, cares about me as much, and means as much to me (except my wife!) I still do things with them. Went to the beach for the Fourth of July with the O'Brien family, the Wilson family and Uncle Jimmy entertained the kids as well!

  • Top 20 Things to Do before You Leave Chapel Hill

    Academics aside, college is all about the experience! So we're compiling a list of the Top 20 things that a student MUST do before leaving Chapel Hill.

    We need your help to put together a great list of long-standing traditions on campus and/or in the community! We want to know the things you miss most about UNC and Chapel Hill, and/or the top things on your list of things to do when you come back as an alum!

    Here is our list...

    Take a ride on the P2P
    Tailgate in your best baby blue and white
    Climb the bell tower
    Get a cup of joe at the Carolina Coffee shop
    Go to the Carolina Inn before and after football games
    Taste the shrimp and grits at Crook's Corner
    Participate in the Krispy Kreme Challenge
    Survive the "Hillsborough Hike"
    Witness the UL (Undergraduate Library) streakers
    Observe the Pit Preacher, at least for a bit...no matter how infuriating
    Eat a made-in-house dessert at 411 West
    Tube down the Haw River
    Eat a triple gambler at The Rathskeller
    Drink from the Old Well
    Walk on Franklin Street in the fall
    Walk to and from a football game with friends
    Have a late-night Time Out chicken and cheese biscuit
    Lay out in the Quad on a beautiful day
    Enjoy a Long Island Iced Tea from Spanky's
    Storm the basketball court after a win

    Can you think of something that didn't make the list? We want to know the places, events and activities that helped to define YOUR UNC experience (or the things you wish you would have done!). Post your top picks for things to do in Chapel Hill on the message board.

  • It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

    'Tis the season! Not for carols and presents or stockings and snow, but for football of course. And there's no better time to be a UNC alum! Time to dust off the coolers and inventory the tailgate gear...another Tar Heel football season is here!

    Those Saturdays between Labor Day and Thanksgiving are our best opportunity to spend time with some of our best friends - including our SigEp brothers. Take advantage of the chance to reconnect with your old friends this season using our web site. You can plan tailgates using the message boards, find the email addresses of your pledge class in the online directory, and post pictures of your reunions in the photo albums.

    Let us know when you'll be in town this season, and share your stories of meeting up with other SigEp alumni.

    Here are a few useful links to get you ready for this season (and beyond).

    • Your guide around Chapel Hill: For info on where to eat, stay and play when you come back to town. (Click here for all you need to know about this year's team and expectations).
    • To view a full schedule of games so you can plan your trip back, click here.


  • Catching Up With George McLamb

    "Making a commitment to a group of people, collectively and individually, to trust, respect and be there to support them throughout life as needed and in return knowing with conviction they have done the same for me and the rest of the guys."

    These are the words George McLamb '93 uses to define his personal meaning of brotherhood, the one attribute of the fraternity that caught his eye originally.

    "The reason I joined Sigma Phi Epsilon was because of the obvious commitment by the members to brotherhood and fellowship," George said. "It was clear to me that SigEp at UNC was different than other fraternities on campus and offered me something I wanted to be a part of."

    George can still remember back to initiation when all was said and done and he was received warmly as a new brother. He says his favorite part was "seeing the faces of each brother through the congratulations line with open arms welcoming me into their family."

    Looking back on his time as an undergraduate, George said he had many amazing memories, recalling pledge trips and fun runs as ones that stuck out in his mind.

    All of this fun combined with the sincerity of the brotherhood amounted into George taking away much more than memories. "Being a SigEp brother taught me about the virtues of character and integrity that have proven invaluable throughout my life and professional career," George said.

    After graduating from UNC in December of 1993, George returned in the Fall of 1994 to pursue his masters in accounting. Graduating in May 2005 and having passed the CPA exam, George went to work in public accounting for Coopers and Lybrand where he helped in projects like launching the Entrepreneurial Advisor Services to mid-size manufacturing and high-tech corporations.

    In 1997, George moved on to RTO, Inc., a rent-to-own company in Dallas, TX, as Assistant Controller. "I was instrumental in consolidating 13 inventory management systems and establishing operating policies and procedures for over 550,000 rent-to-own units," George said. "These changes resulted in over $1 million of annual cost savings and positioned the company for the public arena via a reverse acquisition."

    George returned to North Carolina in 1998 to work for Productivity Point International, Inc. where he served as Corporate Controller and on the Executive Committee. After PPI, SigEp found its way back into George's life in 2002 when he teamed up with founder and fellow fraternity brother Jeff Grady '90 at Digital Lifestyle Outfitters. As Director of Finances and Operations, George's efforts resulted in growth sales to $100 million.

    Later George held a position with Philips Electronics to assist them after a merger and eventually landed his current position at EA Consulting as CFO and COO.

    He met his wife, Kendra, while working at Coopers and Lybrand right after college. They currently live in Raleigh, NC and enjoy golfing together and attending UNC football and basketball games.

    Through all of the success that George has had since his undergrad days at SigEp, he still credits it with teaching him so much and in turn wants to give back to the fraternity. "I support NC Delta financially in an attempt to ensure that young men have the same opportunity I did to experience fraternity life and learn the values and principles that will make them successful in the long run," he said.

    Serving on the Alumni Advisory Board, George is able to keep in touch with many of the brothers and reminisce often of what he took away from Sigma Phi Epsilon. "As an alumni volunteer at the chapter today, I am often reminded of the lessons I learned from Dr. Hennis ('he still has not aged a day') as an undergraduate myself," George said. "I hope to be able to influence another young man's life in a manner similar to his impact on mine. I am also reminded that our commitment to SigEp is a lifelong commitment and look forward to seeing more volunteers in the future getting involved with shaping the lives of the undergraduates."

    Advice George has for the undergraduate chapter, and words of wisdom that everyone can live by, is to maintain a positive attitude. "Our attitude is the one thing we can control regardless of what is happening around us," he said. "I am hopeful they will always choose to view adversity and challenges as opportunities such that they can strive diligently to overcome those challenges and experience the joy of achievement."

  • They Still Recognized Each Other after 35 Years!

    Thanks to Tom Lytle '74 for submitting this update of a recent reunion he had with a brother...

    "Tom Lytle and Kim Fadel, pledge brothers in '74, met in Norfolk, VA, for a beer and dinner. They hadn't seen each other since Naval Aviation Schools Command in July '74, where they were going through flight training. The good news was that they both recognized each other on the street after 35 years. No photos were taken, but the waitresses did express some amazement at their apparent youth and vigor when shown the photos in a '74 Rush brochure."

    We want to hear about your recent get togethers with other SigEp alumni! Share your stories and photos in the alumni updates section.

  • We Need Your Help to Have a Record Giving Year!

    Annual Fund History

    2004-05: $7,609
    2005-06: $7,190
    2006-07: $9,185
    2007-08: $11,433
    2008-09 YTD: $5,864

    Click here to make your 2008-09 annual fund gift before the giving year ends August 31.

    Thank you to our alumni who have already contributed this year! See their names recognized on the Honor Roll of Donors!

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  • Share Some News 2009

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  • Annual Fund Update

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  • Lost, But Now Found

    Thank you to the alumni who responded to our Lost Brothers article in the recent electronic issue of The Red Door Release. Because of their participation, we have added 22 lost brothers back to our mailing list. They will now receive printed copies of The Red Door Release and other communications.

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