Joe Pinnix '93

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Joe Pinnix Remembers the "great groups of guys"

A strong bond and great camaraderie – that's what set SigEp apart from all the others for Joseph Pinnix.

"It was not like every guy was from the same hometown and went to the same high school," he said. "Everyone had different backgrounds at SigEp, and that made for a great environment."

A great environment made it easy to make friends. Pinnix said some of his best friends today are those brothers that he pledged with back in 1989.

During his college years, Pinnix remembers the parties and mixers, but he said it was a lot more than that. Watching the Heels in the NCAA tournament in SigEp's Front Room and sitting enjoying the weather at Chapel Hill on the original bench he and his pledge class built are just a few of the meaningful memories he has.

"All those were great, but the common theme was being around a great group of guys," he said.

Pinnix said SigEp is encouraged by the re-dedication to academics and commitment to the community. The group of leaders there today is the reason why Pinnix recommends SigEp to those planning on joining a fraternity. They have showed the University what the values of the house are, he said.

"SigEp has given a lot to me and helped me grow through my college years," he said. "Many of the values I have today were developed during my years in SigEp."

Living in Raleigh gives Pinnix more chances to become involved with the chapter. He said the Sterling Campaign has provided him and his brothers with great opportunities to give back to the house, and recognize Dr. Hennis for all he has done for us and for the house.

Keeping in touch with other local alumni in the area is something Pinnix can take advantage of as well.

Pinnix pledged in Spring of 1989 and graduated in 1992 with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism/Advertising. Today, he is a Regional Sales Director for Lenovo in Raleigh, North Carolina. He has been married for 15 years and has two children ages 9 and 8.

He and his family are avid Carolina fans and can be found tailgating in the SigEp parking lot on most football Saturdays. Pinnix is able to keep in touch with many of the brothers he doesn't talk to on a regular basis.

He stays in contact with John Cross, Britt Canady, Otis Ku, Todd Rush, Gary Everhart and Chad Pearson.

"We still stay in regular communication throughout the year and try our best to get our families together," he said. "I have tried to keep a network together of not only the entire pledge class but also the other brothers I was with during my years at UNC."

Reconnect with Joe at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.