Richard (Rick) Foxworth '74

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Q & A With Richard (Rick) Foxworth '74


Q) Why did you join?
A) After going through rush I realized that the Sig Ep house was a good fit for me. I met guys with a variety of interests. I knew the house had solid academics and also was well recognized on campus for intramurals, fund raising projects, and social activities. I also found it to be a very affordable alternative to living in a dorm or an apartment.

Q) Tell us about your favorite memory of the fraternity
A) My pledge trip to Knoxville. Also, the sudden mass exodus of the Kappa Sig house one cold rainy night. It seems they had an unidentified odor that caused them great concern. Otherwise, just the general day-to-day living in the house with a great bunch of guys.

Q) What kind of influence has the fraternity had on your life since graduation?
A) I still have a great deal of pride in having been a member of a great brotherhood. I do believe my membership and affiliation with Sig Ep made me a better student at Carolina than I would have otherwise been. Looking back at the guys in our house during those years, I see many men who have had great professional success in law, medicine and business.

Q) With whom do you still stay in contact? Who would you most like to find?
A) Over the years, I have been able to have some contact with Sid Aldridge, Ron Woodard, Kim Fadel. Being 400 miles away has made regular contact difficult. I still return to Carolina football games and run into brothers once in a while. I would love to hear from anyone from the 1972-75 era.

Q) Tell us about your family: Have you married? Do you have children?
A) Debbie and I have been married 29 years now and have two daughters, Katie, age 24 is a graduate of UGA and Julie, age 19 is a freshman at UGA.

Q) What other activities or organizations were you involved with during your college days?
A) I played in a band with Noland Thuss and Dan Campbell for a good portion of my senior year. The band (with a new drummer) even played at our wedding reception.

Q) Did you live in the house? If so, who were your roommates? Tell us about a memorable time with them.
A) Yes. I roomed with Don McIntosh and Mike Berry.

Q) What do you do for a living?
A) I have been practicing law in the Atlanta area since 1979. Also, in addition to my prcatice, since 1983 I have served as a DeKalb County Magistrate Court Judge, presiding over felony preliminary hearings, bond hearings and our small claims civil court.

Q) What affiliations do you currently have and/or public service do you participate in?
A) For several years I was involved on a pro bono basis in assisting with Title IX complaints against various Georiga school systems for violations of gender equity laws. As stated above, I have been serving DeKalb County Georgia in the Magistrate Court.

Q) What hobbies do you enjoy?
A) Golf, camping and reading.

Q) What are your goals for the next few years?
A) Stay healthy and continue doing what I am doing.