From the Archives '83

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Submitted by Tommy Odom '83

I've included two classic photos. My associate in my law firm who graduated from Chapel Hill in 2005 and was a Chi Psi, said it could have been his fraternity (maybe without the vests), so here you go.

The first is a group picture from the pledge informal February 7, 1980. There are too many good brothers in this picture to attempt to name. My challenge to the good brothers in this picture and the people that know them is hear from as many as possible so we can all reconnect.

The second is from the pledge informal November 17, 1982. The cast: Charlie Engle, me, Lester Pace, and Billy "Hotel/Motel" Holliday. I have no idea what we are doing but I think it was Lester's idea if I had to hazard a guess.

I have been in contact recently with Chuck Cozart, Walt Bridgeman, Keith Kaiser (sp?), Steve Fetter, and Will Whitley, and I miss the rest of you wherever you are!

For me it is family, work and play- generally in that order. Married to Martha since 1999 and I have a son Tripp (21 and will be a senior at Columbia Univ.), a beautiful daughter Annie (9) and Max (7 and who definitely shares my genes). My small law firm is in Charlotte and if you are interested in our practice you can reference Look forward to seeing and hearing from folks in the near future. Brotherly love, Tommy