An Update from the Active Chapter

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NC Delta has had a very prosperous fall. The chapter has gone from recruiting 19 members last fall to 50 brothers this fall. Despite having to endure the trial run of an all dry rush as mandated by the university, the chapter still came up big and recruited a 16-man class.

For the second fall in a row, the chapter awarded three scholarships to incoming freshman. We are continuing to develop the Balanced Man Program, a continuous four-year membership development program designed to help members make the most out of their experience in the fraternity and at UNC. Our intramural teams have been very successful this year, with our football team finishing in the semifinals. And the BBQ tailgates we held before UNC football games were a success, despite the outcome of the team's season.

We recently have held workday to make house improvements, including building a new bar for the Bar Room. Members of the chapter are also doing a Habitat for Humanity build for UNC Build-a-Block, an initiative supported by Greek community to provide ten homes for ten UNC employees.

One of the great things for me to personally experience as an undergraduate member was Homecoming. What a great day it was to see the house dedicated to Dr. Sterling Hennis and having so many alumni and even the chancellor there to celebrate all of the work he has done for NC Delta throughout his life. Through the Capital Campaign and the generous donations of so many alumni, the members of the house have truly felt the meaning of the lifetime responsibility of brotherhood.