That's Quite the Punishment!

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Thank you to Steve Leonard '76 for sharing this great memory...

He writes "One of our finer moves was the time we "parked" Darrell Shealy's Honda Civic on the front steps of the house. That is, rear end near the top of the front steps, and the front end near the lowest step. Brother Shealy made the mistake of missing the Pledge Heart Ceremony, for what the rest of us considered to be unacceptable circumstances, and accordingly he was "punished" with this creative "step".

In addition, the placement of the car caught the attention of a passing photographer from The Daily Tar Heel, and as such the car and the Sig Ep house were featured on the front page the next morning.

After a day or two, the "committee" decided the punishment had been adequate, and we moved the car off the steps, one step at a time, the same way we put it there."

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