"You Get What You Give"

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What made you choose to come to the University of North Carolina and more specifically, what convinced you to join Sigma Phi Epsilon?
My mom went to UNC and my dad loved the school. I joined SigEp because I instantly seemed to fit. I never intended to join a frat, but attended some events and immediately felt at home.

What are you fondest memories of initiation?
Sitting on the front bench on a beautiful day, celebrating with my pledge brothers.

What did being a brother during your college years teach you that carried over into your career and life?
The fraternity helped me grow up quite a bit. Brought me out of my "shell" and made me more social and outgoing. Being in retail, I use the social skills that I developed everyday.

What is your personal definition of Brotherhood?
Since I never had a brother for a sibling, just three sisters, brotherhood is defined for me by my experience at the SigEp house. Brotherhood is accepting your fellow man, with both their strengths and weaknesses, encouraging, nurturing and watching their back. You may not always agree, but you always listen and respect. Brotherhood is achieved when you know you'll go the distance for another brother and are 100% confidant that the same will be returned for you.

Do you keep in contact with any Alumni or Active Brothers of the chapter? If so, who? Who would you like to reconnect with?
I do. I go back for several football games each year and catch up a lot then. I talk to Chris O'Brien, Dan Wilson, Jim Moore, Scott Little, Paul Wesley Spell, Juan Hernandez, Dave Huffman, Stefan van Stavern, Johnny Tugwell, George McLamb, Gary Everhart and Sutton Yamanashi from time to time.

I'd like to catch up with Adam Reed (who was a big part of me choosing Sig Ep), Kevin Corcoran, Charlie Simak and Denton Stone.

Can you give a brief background on your career and accomplishments post-UNC, highlighting what led to your current position as Executive Manager of Moses AutoMall of Huntingdon?
I have been in the family car business since July of 1997 and we keep growing because of the hard work and good reputation our family has in our community. We've sold vehicles on the internet as far away as Washington state. Several of my brothers have bought vehicles from me, even though I'm in West Virginia and they're in North Carolina or another state. Hopefully, they would all say they had a positive experience.

Can you give a brief background on your family?
Met my wife here in West Virginia after college. Proposed to her while tailgating at a Marshall football game. Have 2 kids: Éowyn, my daughter, who is six and starting first grade and Jackson, whose four.

Why do you financially support Sigma Phi Epsilon in your alumni years? Why do you feel that other brothers should do the same?
I give to NC Delta to make sure it is there for other potential brothers and for me to come back to. As an undergrad, I loved football Saturdays and the alumni that came back and partied with us. Now, I love being the alum in the parking lot, doing our thing. The brothers are always so positive and welcoming. It is a great cycle, one that hopefully gives to all and continues forever.

What message would you like to send to current and future brothers of SigEp? What advice would you have for them to make the most of their time as a student, and more specifically a brother?
Do things. Live it up. My days at UNC were some of the greatest of my life. And they go quick. I'd also strongly recommend living in the house. I did for 3 years. I'll never forget packing up to leave after graduation. I felt like I was losing my best friend. I wasn't losing any best friends, but I was moving away from a bunch of them. Living in the house wasn't always easy, but you always had a friend, an ear and a fellow conspirator. So, live in the house and then get out of it and do things. Go to plays, concerts, sporting events. Take road trips. Get involved with something, whether academic, social or athletic. You get what you give.

If you could describe your SigEp experience in one word, what would it be?

How as a whole has SigEp influenced your life?
Taught me to be a man, helped me become more of a social gent, and given me my best friends. My pledge brothers are still my best friends. No one knows me as well, cares about me as much, and means as much to me (except my wife!) I still do things with them. Went to the beach for the Fourth of July with the O'Brien family, the Wilson family and Uncle Jimmy entertained the kids as well!