Top 20 Things to Do before You Leave Chapel Hill

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Academics aside, college is all about the experience! So we're compiling a list of the Top 20 things that a student MUST do before leaving Chapel Hill.

We need your help to put together a great list of long-standing traditions on campus and/or in the community! We want to know the things you miss most about UNC and Chapel Hill, and/or the top things on your list of things to do when you come back as an alum!

Here is our list...

Take a ride on the P2P
Tailgate in your best baby blue and white
Climb the bell tower
Get a cup of joe at the Carolina Coffee shop
Go to the Carolina Inn before and after football games
Taste the shrimp and grits at Crook's Corner
Participate in the Krispy Kreme Challenge
Survive the "Hillsborough Hike"
Witness the UL (Undergraduate Library) streakers
Observe the Pit Preacher, at least for a matter how infuriating
Eat a made-in-house dessert at 411 West
Tube down the Haw River
Eat a triple gambler at The Rathskeller
Drink from the Old Well
Walk on Franklin Street in the fall
Walk to and from a football game with friends
Have a late-night Time Out chicken and cheese biscuit
Lay out in the Quad on a beautiful day
Enjoy a Long Island Iced Tea from Spanky's
Storm the basketball court after a win

Can you think of something that didn't make the list? We want to know the places, events and activities that helped to define YOUR UNC experience (or the things you wish you would have done!). Post your top picks for things to do in Chapel Hill on the message board.