Annual Fund Progresses as Wish List Tackled

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The fraternity helped prepare us for success in life, work, and relationships. It's where we made lifelong friendships, developed our values and character, and learned to network through professional and social connections. Did you benefit from the same experience? If you're nodding yes, we need your help. 

As I'm sure you know, our alumni program is funded through the generous donations of our brothers. Every year, we have fixed expenses associated with maintaining our alumni network, hosting an online community, and producing valuable communications that keeps you informed about all things SigEp.

While we are making great strides towards improving our programs, our work is far from over. Please help us continue our great work and ensure the legacy of SigEp lives on for the next generation of brothers.  Click HERE to donate to the annual fund today.

As a reminder, your annual fund donations will help us grow and support these vital efforts: alumni newsletters and eletters, hosting of our online community, maintenance of our alumni database and network, and hosting alumni events, and so much more.

Each and every gift makes an immediate impact, so please make your gift today!  Click HERE if you'd like to use our online giving option, or call our Donation Hotline at 1-800-598-4050.  Thank you in advance for your support!