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This is the season for family and friends, reconnecting, and sharing memories. At SigEp, we are grateful to have a strong brotherhood between alumni and the undergraduate chapter. There are many reasons to take advantage of your alumni status and to remain active in SigEp.

Thanks to our alumni relations program, you can get the most out of your alumni experience. Here are just a few benefits of a strong alumni relations program:

  • We can host successful alumni events
    Frequent communication helps alumni like you stay connected to SigEp. You’re kept up-to-date on alumni events, and with your feedback, we can host an event that is truly memorable.
  • You never lose touch with your brothers
    We make a great effort to maintain communication and keep you up-to-date on what’s going on with your fellow alumni. Through our newsletters, eletters, and alumni events, you can stay in touch with your brothers.
  • You’ll always have a second home
    Being part of SigEp is a lifelong commitment. You can turn to your brothers in times of adversity, and you will always have a home to revisit.

Staying in touch and maintaining communication is what makes us one of the strongest fraternities on campus. We’re thankful to have brothers like you who remain active, share updates, and keep the SigEp brotherhood alive and strong.