10 of the Best NC Delta Pics Ever Taken?

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Below is a collection of 10 of some of the best NC Delta photos ever taken. Or are they the best? Every single one of them has a great story behind it. If you know the story, leave it in the comment box below. And send us your own top Sigma Phi Epsilon UNC photos (especially from more recent decades) to share by CLICKING HERE.


In the Beginning

Our NC Delta brothers in 1921. They all look so serious. (Yackety Yack)


The Boss Man and His Gang

There's no doubt who's in charge here! (Yackety Yack, 1934)


The Real Village People

They were ahead of their time with these dance moves! (Yackety Yack, 1954)


We Knew the News Was Good for Something

Nothing sacred at NC Delta, not even naptime. (June 1961)


Now That's a Kiss!

Did these two ever come up from air? If they did, can anyone tell us who they are? (1961)


That's a Good Look for You!

Who is this fine gentleman who remembered to coordinate with just the right handbag?


IM Champs!

What are your stories of intramural championships during your NC Delta days?


Some Personal Hygiene Assistance

The 1967 Yackety Yack featured this NC Delta photo with this caption: "Dumbhead washes his hair after a record nine weeks." Who's the brother with the personal hygiene challenges?


My How Things Have Changed!

Check out those rabbit ears! The year was 1977. Does anyone remember what had everyone so captivated?


The ’80s … 'Nuf Said!

Pledge formal from 1980 … 35 years ago!!