“We Danced the Night Away in the Basement of the “Old Shoe box With Columns” and Fell in Love!”

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Last month we asked each of you who met your significant others through North Carolina Delta Chapter to share your love stories with the rest of us in honor of Valentine’s Day. Brother T. Gray McCaskill ’79 shared his SigEp love story and a life update with us:

“In the fall of 1977, the Sig Eps had a "Lady and the Tramp Party". We told the dates it was a formal cocktail. We picked them up looking like "hobos". All of the brothers brought their favorite adult beverage and under the guidance of Brother Joe Gordon, we mixed a most unique blend.

My date that night was a sweet Kappa Delta, Kimberly Davis from Greensboro. She and I had met at the "Shack" two weeks before after Sorority Rush. Friday night was the prelude to a fabulous football weekend.

We danced the night away in the basement of the old "Shoe Box with Columns" and fell in LOVE!
We went to the game the next day. Back in those days, the Sig Eps ran the cars section. We had sweet 45-yard-line seats on the home side. She never missed another game with me.

We were married June 21, 1980 and had three sons:
Thomas (03/08/84)
Taylor (03/16/86)
Harrison (02/27/89-UNC Class of 2011)

We celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary last June. Living in Gso, we are fortunate to go back to football and basketball games on a regular basis.

My Sig Ep days were some of the best of my life.

Brothers I keep up with:
Beezo Spencer
Tom "TO" Odom
Steve "Dog" Leonard
Fred McCoy
Gary Joyner
Blount Swain

Joe Gordon led the way for me to work at Ken's Quickie mart. It broke my heart to see it torn down. I went to see Larry Trollinger every year. Great memories! Dr. Sterling Hennis was such a guiding influence for us in those days.

Best to all!”

-T. Gray McCaskill ’79

If you didn’t share your SigEp love story, you can submit it HERE or in the Facebook comment box below!