Joseph Gordon ’79 Says Sigma Phi Epsilon Stands the Test of Time

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We recently surveyed our alumni members and asked them about their Sigma Phi Epsilon experiences. Joseph Gordon ’79 said that the fraternity is a great organization that stands the test of time. He's been lucky enough to share some great memories with his fellow brothers and would love to reconnect with a few. 

Joseph said that he attended the weddings of many of his brothers back in the ’80s, so many that they all blur together. He'd also like to reconnect with Mac Parrott ’77 to see if he still has the same great golf swing. "I've never seen a guy hit a golf ball so far teed up on an empty beer can," he said. 

He even shared some great advice for current undergraduates. "Think creatively and innovate; but, always have a positive attitude about what you are seeking. Attitude is everything and you have a choice!" 

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