Brother Gordon on attitude, weddings, and the '76 Olympic basketball team

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Which brothers were at/in your wedding, and whose have you attended? What is it like to have brothers by your side, or to be there for them, during life's biggest moments?

JG: I attended many weddings in the '80's … so many they all blur together.

If you could reunite with one brother this summer, who would it be and why?

JG: Mac Parrot because I have never seen a guy hit a golf ball so far teed up on an empty beer can!

Is there anything you’d like to add related to your fraternity experience?

JG: One of my best memories was in the first summer session of '76, when the Dean Smith-coached U.S. Olympic round ball team trained in Chapel Hill. Four Indiana studs after winning the national championship, and seven ACC players, including Phil Ford, Walter Davis, Tom LaGarde and Mitch Kupchak. We had a keg of beer three to four nights a week for the guys to relax with after practice at the frat house. Dean got wide criticism for how he selected the team, especially after the rigged '72 games in which the Communist clock managers rigged the game and we lost by one for the first time ever. The '76 Gold medal winners beat the hell out of everyone.