Alumni Profile: Bill Rendleman ’73

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A Look Back at His Days as Champion of Ping Pong and Pinball

Though Bill Rendleman ’73 gives to many worthy causes today, he says that out of all of them, Sigma Phi Epsilon has done the most for him personally.

“I have many other great causes I contribute to,” he explains. “However, most of them have not done anything for me personally. On the other hand, Sigma Phi Epsilon helped me establish a firm foundation when I was young and needed such. I learned leadership, teamwork, ethics, loyalty, organization, good values, and pride.”

These skills served Bill well later in life, allowing him to build a successful career in insurance, financial planning, and investments, which he was able to retire from at age 47.

“[Retiring early] was possible through good luck, lots of activity, being highly organized, having a positive attitude, and having faith in the Lord,” he says.

Even in his undergrad days at UNC, though, Bill was a success… just in different ways.

“Being I hung around the house more than anyone, I became very proficient in ping pong, horseshoes, and pinball,” he recalls. “I was proud to be ‘undefeated’ in each of those!”

He also held his own in intramural sports, helping the SigEp team remain among the top five on campus.

Bill’s experience also differs from other brothers’ because he also served as “House Boy” for most of his years—a position he took great pride in. “I remember it involved making up 29 beds daily along with emptying trash cans and cleaning bathrooms, the chapter room, the living room, the TV room, and the dining/party area downstairs,” he says. “This also included being in charge of the drink and snack machines. I took a lot of pride in doing a good job!”

Perhaps the most powerful lesson of all from his SigEP experience was respect and compassion. Bill remembers clearly that he and others worked hard to get along.

“We joked with each other a lot, but we always respected one another,” he recalls. “Our house was run like a small business/family. I could act as an individual, but it was neat to be part of something bigger. I was surrounded by a lot of intelligent people who I respected and I knew most would be very successful. Somehow I was confident that I too would be successful even though my path was not as clear.”

Today, Bill’s values still align closely with the ones he formed during his Sigma Phi Epsilon days.

He is enjoying his retirement, especially spending time with his family.

“I am extremely proud of my family—my wonderful wife Elene, my son Drew, and daughter-in-law Laine,” he says. “Drew works in a CPA firm and Laine is in real estate. My stepson, Durand Stetler, is the president of The Rendleman Company and my daughter-in-law Jennifer is in banking. I have three unbelievable grandchildren—Nik (age 13), Ella (age 7) and Liam (age 4). There is nothing that makes me happier than doing something with any or all of them!”

Bill would also enjoy catching up with any brothers. If you’d like to get in touch with him, he can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..