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To This Day, Steve Leonard ’76 Benefits from SigEp Membership

Steve preparing to watch the Tar Heels from his home in DC

If you lived in the house with Steve Leonard ’76, you likely remember him for his pranks… and were probably the victim of a few!

“Who else but myself and Bob Fischgrund ’76 would set our clocks for 3:30 a.m. on a Tuesday night, go down and turn the jukebox on?” Steve recalls.

Though the moment may not be remembered quite as fondly by the brother who woke up so fast he hit his head and gave himself a welt, things like playing pranks and giving each other nicknames were always a big part of the fun. Steve enjoyed spending time just talking with the brothers just as much, though.

As much fun as they had, Steve says, everyone also worked hard, striving to keep the place in good shape and run a good fraternity. One of the things he always loved most about SigEp was that balance and well-roundedness.

“What was very attractive to me was that it was full of all sorts of people,” he says. “It was a place that was very accepting of different people with different talents and different backgrounds.”

A business and accounting major, Steve spent the first nine years of his career post-UNC working for accounting firms in North Carolina. When he decided he wanted to explore a new career field, it was none other than a Delta Chapter brother who asked him, “What would you think about working with us?” Steve took the offer to become Executive Director at a North Carolina law firm, and has now been managing law firms for 30 years. He is currently the Chief Operating Officer at Zuckerman Spaeder, a D.C. law office.

Steve will be retiring next year and relocating to Myrtle Beach, and he is looking forward to getting to see his SigEp brothers more often. He already takes trips each year to Colorado with Bob Fischgrund and Mac Parrott ’77, and has been taking an annual trip to North Myrtle Beach with Bob Spencer ’77, Tom Odom ’77, Gary Stadler ’75 and their spouses for more than 30 years. He also keeps up regularly with Dan Brady ’76, Darrell Shealy ’77, John Flowe ’76, Gray McCaskill ’79, Bruce MacLeod ’76, and others.

“The SigEp brothers are my best friends,” Steve says.

To this day, he is also very proud of Sigma Phi Epsilon as an organization just as he was from the beginning, saying, “SigEp—both as it was in our house and on a national level—just seems to be well-organized, well-run, and focused on things that matter.”