Who is This Mystery Man?

From the 1967 edition of the Yackety Yack, we give you a rare photo of a brother referred to as "dumbhead" washing his hair. It seems the rest of the members lost their patience and held him down for a shampoo after a record nine weeks without washing his hair. Meanwhile, the chapter dog, who remains unidentified, wonders what all the commotion is about! Who is this mystery man and what's his story? Click below to leave your answers as a comment!

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Andy Strayhorn ’02: Hoping His Fellow Brothers Enjoy the Little Things

All These Years and He’s Never Found a Better Place to Relax than the Bench Outside the House

The Bench. To some, it may simply be a place to rest their feet or even a porch decoration, but to Andy Strayhorn '02, the bench that adorned the front porch of Sigma Phi Epsilon meant much more.

“My most memorable time as a Sigma Phi Epsilon was by far sitting on the front bench on a nice day,” he recalls. “If there’s a better place to relax and people watch when the sun’s out, I haven’t found it yet.”

But even before he forged friendships right there on that bench, Andy felt destined to be part of Sigma Phi Epsilon.

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Last Chance to Join the Honor Roll

NC Delta Chapter would like to thank the seven brothers who have added their names to our Honor Roll this year and collectively contributed $800. Without the loyal support of donors, we would not be able to accomplish our goals, so thank you to these generous brothers for playing a vital role. Can we close the gap between our current total and our goal of 50 donors before our giving year ends on August 31? If you haven't added your name to the Honor Roll, you can make a gift by check, phone, or our quick and secure online giving form.